The Brattle Group is an industry leader in analyzing regulatory and financial issues surrounding transmission operations, pricing, siting, and cost-benefit analyses. Our capabilities are strengthened by our in-depth understanding of applicable regulatory frameworks and market structures. Clients include transmission companies, transmission customers, generators, Independent Transmission System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), trade associations, and government entities in North America and Europe.

We help clients to design and evaluate regional transmission tariffs, the benefits of new transmission projects, mergers and acquisitions among transmission companies, congestion pricing, ancillary service design and pricing, and market monitoring efforts that facilitate efficient, nondiscriminatory network access in a variety of power markets worldwide. We provide expert testimony on a wide range of subject areas, including support of transmission infrastructure investments, tariff designs, and the formation of (and membership in) RTOs and ISOs.

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Dr. Metin Celebi provides expertise in electricity markets and analysis of environmental and climate policy. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Judy Chang is an energy economist and policy expert with a background in electrical engineering. She has 20 years of experience in advising clients in transmission, resource, and strategic planning. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Mr. Hanser assists clients in issues ranging from utility industry structure and market power and associated regulatory questions, to specific operational and strategic issues, such as transmission pricing, generation planning, and tariff strategies. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Dr. Hesmondhalgh has worked as a consultant in the energy sector for more than 20 years, predominantly in the electricity and gas sectors. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Dr. Newell is an expert in electricity wholesale markets, the transmission system, and RTO rules. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Mr. Pfeifenberger is an economist with a background in electrical engineering and over twenty-five years of experience in the areas of regulatory economics and finance. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
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Mr. Tsuchida specializes in the analysis of wholesale electric markets and modeling. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
Academic Advisors
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Academic Advisor
Dr. Fox-Penner specializes in economic, regulatory, and strategic issues in network industries. His practice centers on energy and environmental policies and electric regulation, planning, and competition issues. More icon f02782c24cccaf6d90e1da53920c42f20e5a8955f54ac2ca5727ec7dc89987b4
December 1, 2016
Prepared for Basin Electric Power Cooperative; Black Hills Corporation; Colorado Springs Utilities; Platte River Power Authority; Public Service Company of Colorado; Tri-State Generation and Transmission Cooperative; and Western Area Power Administration

This report analyzes how different market structures could alter production costs in the combined service areas of the Mountain West Transmission Group entities.

Improved Transmission Planning for a Carbon-Constrained Future
September 1, 2016
Published on Brink

An article examining the need for improved transmission planning that increases flexibility to comply with evolving future regulations, while meeting anticipated policy goals at lower costs and lower risks for customers.

August 2016
Prepared for APA Group

The report authored by Brattle economists on behalf of APA Group reviews integration in APA’s pipeline operations in Eastern Australia since the acquisition of Epic Energy in December 2012, and identifies the economic costs and benefits associated with integration.

Toward More Effective Transmission Planning: Addressing the Costs and Risks of an Insufficiently Flexible Electricity Grid
April 2015
Prepared for WIRES
Bridging the Seams: Interregional planning under FERC Order 1000
November 2012
Published in Public Utilities Fortnightly