Rule 10b-5, Section 11, and ERISA Class Actions

The Brattle Group has provided expert testimony in all phases of Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 and 12 claim matters. We have substantial experience concerning analyses of loss causation, market efficiency, and trading behavior to support successful arguments on class certification. We work with clients during the early phase of securities class actions and help to evaluate whether a case should proceed. At the class certification phase, our experts assist clients in determining whether the securities traded in an efficient market and the extent of conflicts among class members. Using well-developed arguments and approaches to evaluate per-share damages scenarios, we help clients assess potential liability. Additionally, we identify economic arguments in favor of, or against, defendant liability.

Our staff and affiliated experts have developed innovative methods involving issues of class certification, loss causation, and damages in numerous cases across a wide range of industries. Using plaintiff-style damage calculation methodologies, we help our clients from the beginning of a case. We also estimate the exposure and the amount defendants are likely to pay if the case settles.

Correct Application of Event Studies in Securities Litigation
December 17, 2015
Published in Event Study Tools