We are an industry leader in energy risk management and valuation. Our economic experts have in-depth knowledge of the electric power, natural gas, and petroleum industries in the U.S. and abroad. Our work includes management consulting, expert testimony in regulatory proceedings, and litigation support on issues including design and pricing of retail services; procurement policies for electric and gas utilities; and energy trading, contract valuation, and risk management disputes. Clients include electric and gas utilities worldwide as well as trade and industry associations, such as Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

The Brattle Group has developed for EPRI a suite of software tools for valuation and risk management known as the Energy Book System (EBS). The EBS provides participants in the energy industry with capabilities for valuation of structured and vanilla wholesale energy contracts; for portfolio risk measurement; for portfolio risk analysis, including extensive capabilities for simulation of hedging costs and policies; and for valuation and management of physical generation resources, with common but complex features such as start costs, non-linear heat rate curves, and embedded retirement options.

January 2017
Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.

The whitepaper examines how wind generators could use standard electric and gas forward contracts to hedge its revenue to reduce risk over mid- to long-term horizons.

April 2016
Published in Law360
Hedge Timing: There’s No Magic in Dollar Cost Averaging
May 2012
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Dodd Frank Compliance for Oil and Gas Companies
February 6, 2012
Julia E. Sullivan, Cary Oswald, and Romkaew P. Broehm
Published in Oil & Gas Monitor
Cleaning Up Spark Spreads: How Plant Owners Can Reduce Risk Through Carbon Markets
March 2011
Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.
FASB Accounting Rules and Implications for Natural Gas Purchase Agreements
February 7, 2011
Bente Villadsen and Fiona Wang
Prepared for American Clean Skies Foundation
Managing Natural Gas Price Volatility: Principles and Practices Across the Industry
November 2010
Prepared for the American Clean Skies Foundation
Utility Supply Portfolio Diversity Requirements
June 2007
Published in The Electricity Journal