Brattle economists are frequently involved in matters pertaining to the management of solid and toxic wastes. We work with federal, state, and municipal government entities to address waste management problems and advise on regulations for the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Our economists have been at the center of the debate regarding the constitutionality of flow control ordinances enacted by city and county governments, and played a role in the key legal decisions regarding the Commerce Clause, including the Pike balancing test and the interstate nature of waste collection and disposal markets. We have also valued landfills; calculated host fees meant to reflect negative externalities attributable to landfill, recycling, and incinerator facilities; and determined whether property values have been influenced by waste disposal facilities.

Environmental Policy with Collective Waste Disposal
September 2013
David L. Sunding, Stephen F. Hamilton, Thomas Sproul, and David Zilberman
Published in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management