The Brattle Group offers an unparalleled combination of technical modeling capabilities, rich understanding of interrelationships among market factors, and practical and thoughtful application of models to problems. Many of our assignments require simulation modeling of electric systems on various timeframes, from minutes to decades. As needed, we run market simulation models, including DAYZER, PROMOD, GE-MAPS, Xpand, and PSO. The first three are widely-known security-constrained unit commitment and dispatch models. Xpand is our proprietary expansion model. PSO is the most detailed, able to represent many nuances of real-time electric system operations. In applying these models to client problems, we consistently demonstrate our ability to analyze the details that matter, ensure that the results make sense, and clearly communicate insights into markets and risks.

We’ve developed capacity market models based on our experience in reviewing and designing RTO markets, and we also model markets for fuels, renewable energy certificates, and emission allowances. We frequently supplement our fundamentals-based modeling with stochastic models of power and fuel prices based on spot and forward market data, and portfolio and risk management models, as well as cost-benefit and financial valuation models.

Brattle has been engaged in a large number of market modeling assignments across every organized wholesale market in North America. We have worked with market participants, regulators, and system operators, often in the context of regulatory proceedings, policy analysis, and stakeholder engagements. We pride ourselves on communicating our insights so they are intuitive, useful, and credible to target audiences.