Electric Transmission
Transmission Rates & Tariffs

We assist clients in their efforts to revise their transmission access charge, manage stakeholder and regulatory processes, collect data, model transmission revenue requirements, and perform cost-benefit analyses for various access charges and membership scenarios. We also assist in the drafting of ISO’s implementation guidelines, assist counsel in revising transmission tariff language, and provide expert testimony on the costs and benefits associated with the new methodology.

Brattle experts have experience assessing charges levied on generators for interconnection with the transmission grid and have advised clients on interconnection agreements, including assessing the potential risks associated with existing procedures for interconnecting generators and comparing them with alternative agreements. We have helped European clients evaluate the relative advantages and disadvantages of “deep” and “shallow” (“network” and “radial”) charging schemes. We have also provided advice on ways in which a transmission company’s connection policy could be improved, particularly in relation to deciding between competing connection charges.