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Dr. Renée Duplantis specializes in the empirical analyses of antitrust issues, primarily mergers, civil litigation, damages and class-action matters. From 2011 through 2014, she was seconded to the Canadian Competition Bureau, and in January 2014, she was appointed to the T.D. MacDonald Chair in Industrial Economics at the Bureau. In that role and throughout her time at the Bureau, she provided the Commissioner of Competition and the Bureau with independent advice on economic matters related to competition policy and participated in the economic analysis of high-profile investigations under the Competition Act, including two recently litigated cases, Commissioner of Competition v. CCS Corporation, et. al. and Commissioner of Competition v. Toronto Real Estate Board.

Prior to joining The Brattle Group, Dr. Duplantis was a Principal at Microeconomic Consulting & Research Associates, Inc. (MiCRA), where she worked on a wide range of both civil and criminal antitrust matters, including L-3 Communications v. Lockheed Martin, In re: USF Telephone Billing Practices Litigation, and the international air cargo and parcel tanker shipping cartel investigations.

May 2017
Published in Concurrences Law & Economics

This article discusses the current legal framework for competition and merger reviews in Canada and the growing interest in incorporating non-price effects into competition assessments.