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Dr. Marin is an economic expert on regulation and competition in various sectors, particularly energy, telecommunications, and transportation, as well as on econometrics, microeconomic and valuation techniques. He has provided regulatory advice to companies and regulatory authorities on issues like market design, capacity markets and the impact of new regulation.

Since joining Brattle, Dr. Marin has also participated in numerous cases and provided testimony on international disputes and commercial litigations related to competition policy and contract renegotiation. Many of these cases include a damages estimation component. In the area of damage estimation, he has recently submitted expert reports in the energy, telecommunications, TV rights and retail services sectors.

Prior to joining Brattle, Dr. Marin served as Secretary of State for Energy within the Spain government from 2008-2011. During his tenure he was responsible for electricity, gas, and oil regulation, including the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Dr. Marin also coordinated the energy policy and initiatives with the European Union, chairing the European Council of Ministers during the Spanish Presidency in 2010.

Between 2004 and 2008 he was the Director of the Microeconomic Department at the Economic Office of the Spanish Prime Minister, addressing inter alia the supervision of regulatory issues and competition in key productive sectors. Previously, Dr. Marin was Professor of Economics at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid since 1996, as well as Research Affiliate at the Center for Economic Policy Research. His research on competition policy and market structure in regulated sectors has been published in several books and international publications.

Dr. Marin speaks fluent Spanish, French, and Italian.

Representative Engagements
An empirical analysis of the multimarket contact theory in pharmaceutical markets
July 2013
Pedro L. Marin, Javier Coronado, and Sergi Jimenez-Martin
Published in The European Journal of Health Economics
Hechos y retos de la energía en España: algunos elementos clave de una estrategia energética
January 2013
Published in Papeles de Economía Española
Reforming Renewable Support in the United States: Lessons from National and International Experience
November 2012
Prepared for the Bipartisan Policy Center
El dilema energético
October 2012
Published in Papeles de Economía Española