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Wesleyan University, BA in Economics

Pepco Maryland In-Home Display Pilot Analysis
June 2017
Prepared for Pepco
The Impact of AMI-enabled Conservation Voltage Reduction on Energy Consumption and Peak Demand
March 2017
Published in The Electricity Journal, Volume 30, Issue 2

Conservation voltage reduction (CVR) has been around for a long time but most utilities have been reluctant to deploy it out of a concern that customers might be negatively affected. With advanced metering infrastructure, AMI, that concern might go away or so goes the theory. To test that idea, PHI in Maryland carried out AMI-enabled CVR. Brattle analyzed the data on their behalf and found that CVR, regulated with AMI, can reduce energy consumption and peak demand without affecting customer comfort. Customers get lower bills without having to take any actions to modify their lifestyle. It is a win-win.