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Dr. Arthur has more than 15 years of consulting and litigation experience in the natural gas, natural gas liquids, and petroleum industries. He specializes in the analysis of antitrust and market power, ratemaking and regulatory policy, and commercial litigation. He has testified before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, state public utility commissions, and federal courts.

With respect to antitrust and market power issues, Dr. Arthur has testified regarding the evaluation of market-based rates, as well as issues related to the determination of a competitive price, the evaluation of competitive alternatives, damages calculations, and the allocation of settlements for different consumer classes. He has also testified in several regulatory ratemaking proceedings regarding cost of service issues and reasonable allocations of costs, and assists clients regarding rate design issues on varying portions of a system and for differing customers.

In addition to providing testimony, Dr. Arthur frequently provides litigation support, including providing advice on regulatory matters, assistance with discovery, cross-examination regarding economic and technical industry issues, and preparation of briefs.

Prior to joining The Brattle Group in 1997, Dr. Arthur worked at Indiana University, where he performed research in the healthcare industry.

Representative Engagements
Analysis of Initial Comments Regarding Commission’s Income Tax Allowance Policy for Partnership Pipelines
Submitted on behalf of United Airlines Petitioners and Aligned Shippers, in FERC Docket No. PL17-1-000
Understanding Crude Oil and Product Markets
September 2014
Published by the American Petroleum Institute
Losing Money to Increase Profits: A Proposed Framework for Defining Market Manipulation
March 2011
Published by The Brattle Group, Inc.
Comments of Dr. Daniel Arthur, Dr. Romkaew P. Broehm, and Mr. Gerald A. Taylor to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Regarding the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the Prohibition of Market Manipulation, 17 CFR Part 180
January 2011
Prepared for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Improving the Performance of Natural Gas Markets in Electricity System Reliability
Matthew P. O'Loughlin, Daniel S. Arthur, and Elizabeth Miller
In Electric & Natural Gas Business: Using New Strategies, Understanding the Issues!, edited by Robert E. Willett, and published by Financial Communications Company
Oil Pipeline Complaint Procedures Are Being Clarified
September 2003
Published in Natural Gas
Gas Use in Electricity Generation: Increase Uncertain in Northeast
In Natural Gas Industry Analysis For Gas Year 2000-2001, edited by Robert E. Willett, and published by Financial Communications Company